nacre coquille The project has for origin the research works of Dr Marthe Rousseau (U1059 INSERM - SAINBIOSE, Saint-Etienne), concerning the biological properties of nacre. Her researchs show that nacre is able to stimulate bone formation and to restore the communication between the derm and the epiderm.

She has developed in recent years an innovative process in order to produce ingredients that maintain their bone stimulation activity and meet the quality requirements for use in dietary supplements.

Our customers could not find in the market ingredients made from the mother of pearl that met their requirements in terms of quality and efficiency.

SAS founded the 1rst october 2013 in Nancy, France

Project prize-winner Emergence 2013 (best regional project prize-winner)

Program Maturation 2013-2014 (Région Lorraine/FEDER/BPI France)

Start-up Connexion selection in 2016 (Groupe AEF-CNRS)