David Molié is the CEO of StanSea. From initial training Management/Finance/Informatics, David Molié has practised for more than 15 years the system informatics in the National Navy then in service companies. His knowledge of management and project management allows him to position himself as a company leader. He is responsible for production and customer relations, as well as industrial R&D in partnership with the CTTC. He acquired technical know-how and was trained by the CTTC on the industrial process and the use of machines.

Marthe Rousseau is CNRS researcher (CR1, HDR) at LBTO-SAINBIOSE at the Faculty of medicine in Saint-Etienne.

Until she joined the CNRS at the end of 2008, she worked closely with the private sector, more specifically with the company Tahiti Perles with the main objective of her reasearch, the improvement of the quality of the culture pearls in Tahiti. This partnership resulted in the filing of several patents.

She has been involved in Tahiti Perles in several internal projects to develop cosmetics and mother of pearl food supplements. Marthe Rousseau, in view of her workd in the private sector, has detailed knowledge of the structure of the pearl industry and the players in the mother-of-pearl sector (processing and import/export). She has more thant 15 years of experience in the research field of nacre, its structure, composition and biological properties. She is a world expert on nacre.

In StanSea, Marthe Rousseau has in charge Research & Development activities. Under the Innovation Act (loi sur l’Innovation du 12 juillet 1999 et de l’article Art L413-8 et s. du Code de la recherche), Marthe Rousseau participates to the company capital de l’entreprise and brings her scientific assistance. In the LBTO-SAINBIOSE lab, she has her own research team working on Nacre and osteoporosis.